Jenny, a 34-year-old mother of two and Paula, a former teacher knows all about the struggles and blessings of raising children. Their journey began on a road trip to Memphis, TN. It was early December and Christmas was fast approaching. Jenny and Paula were on their way to participate in the St. Jude Marathon weekend. Paula’s niece, Reagan, had recently undergone treatment at St. Jude. As a tribute to the wonderful doctors and caregivers at St. Jude, their family and countless friends joined together to help raise money for the foundation that saved her life.

What began to pass the time during the drive to Memphis ended up becoming a journey neither of them could have imagined. The two life-long friends were chatting away as usual as they drove from Baton Rouge to Memphis. Jenny was experiencing a dilemma with her two young girls and was working on an idea that would teach her girls about the true meaning of the Christmas spirit. The discussion ensued and soon the two women were writing their first book together and a tradition would begin. As they began sharing their story with friends and family it became apparent that many others were struggling with the very same issue! With the encouragement and support of their loved ones, they decided to publish their book and share their idea.*

Our hope is that children learn what it means to embody the Christmas spirit and the gift of being charitable, generous, respectful, and kind to one another.

From our families to yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!





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